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2006 Michigan Cougar Sighting Reports Archive

Munroe County, Temperance Michigan - Roadside Cougar Sighting
Reported Mon 12/25/2006 9:56 PM to
" Animal was walking along edge of the road in the driection my car was travelling and tunred to looked at my car as I passed. looked timid or lost, it may have escaped from somewhere because it was only a mile west of the lake erie shoreline and I dont think cougars belong by the lake ."

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Canton, Michigan- Cougar sighted
Reported Mon 12/25/2006 9:22 AM to
"Very small wooded lot between subdivisons; we are on the out skirts of an urbanized area and close to farmland areas."
" My father-in-law was looking out our family room window and spotted the cougar walking through an opening in the small wooded lot behind us. He said to me, "you wont believe what I just saw". I looked out and sure enough a cougar was walking through an opening in the woods. I clearly saw a side view of a large cat walking in cat like motion with a long tail curled upward. It was just a 3-4 second viewing. "

Leelanau County- at Valley Hills and Lakeview Hills Rd.
Reported Sat 12/23/2006 2:00 PM to
" On Dec.19, 2006 at Valley Hills and Lakeview Hills Rd. in Leelanau Co. my neighbor sighted a cougar in her backyard. That was the 3rd sighting of a cougar in our neighborhood in 4 months and the 6th sighting in this neighborhood in two years. Each sighting was in someone's yard."

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Saginaw, Michigan- Deer hunter observes cougar in swamp.
Reported Wed. November 20th 2006 10:10 PM to
From about 30 yards away:
"Was hunting deer and saw the cougar come out and walk across the island in the swamp that I hunt. I was able to put my scope on him twice so I got a good look at him."

MDNR Lanuches a cougar webpage.

DNR Announces New Cougar Web Site
Contact:  David Bostick 517-373-1263
Agency: Natural Resources
October 27, 2006
Michigan Department of Natural Resources wildlife officials today announced that up-to-date scientific information regarding cougars is now available on the DNR Web site at ."The DNR recognizes the potential for the presence of cougars is alarming to many Michigan citizens. Providing information about cougars on our Web site is an important first step in educating the public," said DNR Director Rebecca A. Humphries. "We encourage people to visit this Web site if they have any questions about cougars."
Mackinaw County- Cougar sighted crossing US Route 2
Reported Wed. November 1st 2006 10:10 PM to
" I was driving eastbound on US route 2 approx 1-2 miles east of Naubinway in Mackinac 
County.  It was approx 1:15 in the afternoon and the cougar bounded across the road in front of me approx 75 to 100 ft away. It was approx 6-7 ft long including its tail. I know that it was a cougar,because I am very familiar with the species. I have made it a lifelong hobby of learning all that I can about about wildlife in the US.

Nobody could have been more shocked than I was to have seen this."

Gladwin Michigan Cougar sighted four days in a row! -
Reported Tuesday, October 31, 2006 8:22 PM to
"Hi There, I just wrote you last night about the cougar on our property here along the tittawassii river in Gladwin.Well, about the same time tonight, the dog started barking excessively.I looked out and there he was chasing the cougar "again'.He ran him all the way down to the river , where the cat leaped acroos (it is not very wide here).This is now 4 days in a row we have seen him here on our property.we own 22 acres, wooded with Tittawassi river frontage, a mixture of different pines, including Cypress.
Anyone who says 'Their are no Cougars here in Michigan' are very misinformed!!
Sincerely, CM"

Gladwin Michigan Sighting -
Reported Monday, October 30, 2006 10:32 PM to
"We live in Gladwin Michigan, closer to Westbranch where the lands are more wooded.Our property runs along the Tittawassii River.Our lab mix always sleeps on our deck which wraps around the house.We overlook the river and a natural pond.For the last couple nights, our "harvey" has been "going crazy barking "at something" down toward the cedars along the river front.This dog "is not a barker"...Over the weekend , while sitting up in a tree blind bow hunting or deer, my son "thought he saw what appeared to be a cougar".But itt was in the wooded area, so he couldn't "be sure", cause he couln't see his tail real good.Well, tonight about 8PM our Harvey flew off the porch, ran down the hill barking like crazy for now the third night in a row.So I looked off the deck to see Harvey standing midway down the hill"going nuts".I looked in the direction that "he was staring" and there as "clear as day" was the cougar!Before I knew it, "Harvey" starting flying down the hill after the cougar, the cougar whipped around and leaped in the direction of the woods with my "Harvey" on its tail!I was freaking, worrying if he was going to get hurt.I could here them both "ripping through the woods< but too dark outside to see a thing...I could only hear "Harvey" still barking ."Finally" our Harvey came back.The cougar went in the same direction that my son had spotted him on the two days he had hunted in the rier blind set up in the cypress tress.We had noticed that our bait piles weren't being touched by the deer the last few days.In fact we normally have lots of deer on our property, but haven't even seen one the last 3 days.We have been hearing a different sort of "low growling sound", some days we were in the yard putting out feed.The dogs been acting "on guard", where "normally he is real "laid back".

Now we know "why".

Any one who lives in the woods , along a river is fortunate to see many things.We've lived here only 3 months and have spotted bear, bobcat , fox and now a cougar!


Milford Highland Recreation Area-
Good to have your dogs with you

Reported Friday, October 27, 2006 11:43 AM to
" I took our dogs, Allie & Isaac for a walk to Highland Rec. Area in Milford ,. I brought along the camera hoping to get some good shots of the fall color change. we started out our walk through two open fields which are used to train bird dogs. we came to the third open field the dogs were really smelling something good. we cut thru an approx 20 ft. plowed area of grasses when we came to the end, what looked like a deer in the wooded tree line in front of us, ran away., moments later what I saw was amazing. Looking directly at me approx. 30 yds away was a Cougar/Mountain Lion.. we stared at each other for what seemed forever but most likely mere seconds . Allie with her chest erect and every hair on her back standing up, tail up, took off in that direction, to do her perimeter check & make certain there was no danger ahead. the dogs lost the Cougars scent shortly thereafter.,im not certain if it went up a tree or what. "

Emmet County - Maple River / Pleasant View Swamp-
Night fisherman gets sized up by a 150llb cougar.

Reported Tuesday, October 24, 2006 2:50 PM to

" I Waded into the Maple river at around 9:45 pm to do some night flyfishing for brown trout. It was getting darker but I still had a little light. As soon as I got in the river I heard a snarling/hissing sound on the opposite bank approx. 15 yards away. Being a night fisherman I have heard many of the strange sounds one would hear in the woods at night. Everything from elk bugling to rabbits being killed by owls. Except for on tv I had never heard this sound in the wild but I knew as soon as I heard it. The first thing that poped into my head was BIG CAT. I looked up and directly across from me sitting on the bank in the grass was a cougar. It let out another snarl/growl. I don't know if this is true or not but I remember thinking cats don't like water, thank god it's on the other side of the river. I yelled at the cat and waved my arms. The cat wasn't going anywhere and let out another louder growl/hiss. I knew then that I was getting out of there. I waded slowly back to the bank, got on land and looked back at the cat still sitting in the same spot. It was a little darker now and I had a very powerful flashlight with me used for finding my way down the trails at night. I turned the light on the cat. What I remember most is the reflection of the light in the cats eyes. With all animals I have shined a light on their eyes are usually white reflections but the cats eyes were bright blue reflections. Amazing blue. Lucky I was a short distance from my car. I got out of there as fast as I could. The cat was still there when I left.
Since then my boss has seen a cougar one and a half miles from the same spot. A year later I had another cougar cross the road 20 yards in front of my car in another area about 30 miles south of my first siteing at 8:00 am This second cat was much smaller than the first.
Zero chance these were anything other than cougars.

These were pretty up close encounters. The first one was a little too close. "

- K.A.

Cedar, Michigan - Large Black Feline Sighted 1994
Reported Friday, Sat 10/21/2006 6:50 PM to

To Whom It May Concern:
Have you ever hear of an all black “cougar” sighting?  This is a while ago, but I was heading out of Cedar, MI (about 2 – 3 miles) around mid-June in 1994, when a long, black animal that I first thought was dog crossed the road at the power line about 50 yards or less in front of my car; it was still light out at 8:45 pm.  It was about ½ road width in length and about 2-3 feet high at the back.  The things that made me think it was a cat were:

  1. the way its head was down, no dog-type ears, and a leopard-like head. the way it “pitty patted” across the road vs. how a dog would trot.
  2. the fact that it had a tail with a rounded end (and curled upward).

I doubted it was a cat at first, and it was moving pretty quickly, but I absolutely remember the tail; it crossed in less than 5 seconds.  I stopped and (somewhat timidly) got out to see if I could see it in the scrub below, but nothing.  I looked for tracks on the dirt part of the road, but didn't see any.  Since I wasn't absolutely sure it was a cat I didn't report it."
-Jeff in Traverse City

Glen Arbor, Michigan - two cougar sightings in five years
Reported Friday, October 20, 2006 8:45 AM to

" I live in Glen Arbor Township in Leelanau County. I saw a cougar a few years ago here on my property in Glen Arbor. I was standing in my kitchen looking out and a cougar appeared and sauntered across the driveway about 100 ft. from the house. At first I was stunned. Then, as quickly as I had seen it, it disappeared behind the trees. I stood there with my mouth hanging open and couldn't believe it. But the long tail and low sleek silhouette was unmistakable. A year or two before that, a friend came to visit and took a walk down the two-track that goes from my house over to Glen Lake. She told me she saw a cougar lying down in the two-track about 100 yds. from my house. When it noticed her, it got up and wandered off into the orchard. Again, it was the cat's size and long tail that convinced her it was a cougar. So, that's two sightings here on my property, both within a two year period, the second sighting being about 5 years ago. - Bob J."

Pulaski Township - 900 llb cattle killed - horses spooked
Tuesday, October 17, 2006 12:44 PM to MCCR
" I have several horses and one morning in particular, my brother in law called me at 8 am saying there is a horse on the road. I went out in my pj's and sure enough Cheyanne was out and the other's were crazy wild, running all over the field. My brother in law said they have been that way since he got up around 7am. Jeff wa leading Cheyanne by her mane and when she saw me she broke loose and ran to me and likewise the others ran to the gate. Now they will come to me when I whistle because I have a treat with the whistle but never like that. Their eyes told me different, they were terrified. I let her in the pasture with the rest and they went to the barn. I am a spiritual person and my first thought was cougar. I know my horses and the coyotes can howl on the other side of the darkness and it doesn't phase them like wise bear have passed through with the river. If I remember right it was around the 24th or the week earlier of August. No fences were down so whatever it was scared my mare and she jump the fence, she had her hind leg scrapped and bleeding and some scratch marks on her flank but I thought it could be from barb wire.
This behavior doesn't happen often, the last time they were really spooked was in March and the field was in snow and we put hay out at around 7:30am. They wanted the hay but never went out in the field, now my horse Cheyanne is nicknamed hoover, and she's like me, we'll eat anything that doesn't run faster than us, and she to never went out to the hay until around 12:30.
Anyway this is what I read today a couple of lines from this articles. It was dated Sunday October 1, 2006 from The Jackson Citizen Patroit.
"Paul and Kim Ring of Pulaski Township also are awaiting the outcome of a report sent out West for review by a cougar expert.
Three DNR officers came to their cattle farm in August to perform a necropsy on a cow that hemorrhaged to death a day after an unknown critter attacked.
The Rings say they have seen cougars on their property and feel strongly a cougar killed their year-old 900-pound heifer. The DNR isn't so sure. They said they would have expected more puncture wounds, hair loss and paw prints.
Included with the DNR's report is an audiotape of a suspected cougar's wail recorded by a neighbor of the Rings.
I live in Pulawski Township!!! It is the first I heard anything in the neighborhood. It is not that big of a township but they are not listed in the phone book I have so I will have to see if I can find a platt book, I'm thinking that they may be down Leer Road . I find this very interesting.  If they are on Leer, it is filled with heavy wooded swamp and the railroad grade goes through there to cross  US-23 by Cadillac Products by Swan River .
They are not listed in the phone book however I haven't gotten a hold of a platt book. I spoke to my farrier and he said that he knows of individuals that have had livestock taken and it has been reported to the DNR and no one hears."

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Large cat reported near Bishop's Airport, Genessee County
Reported Sunday, October 08, 2006 12:27 AM to

" My dad told me that he saw a large cat on Hill rd. between Linden rd. and Torrey rd. spring 2006 in Genesee County Michigan . close to Bishops Airport. "

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Cougar report from Traverse City from 1999
Reported Fri 10/6/2006 8:25 AM to
" My sighting is old, August 1999. I was traveling west on Bunker Hill road about 4 miles from the traffic light in Acme. It was around 4pm and very sunny. I was on my cell phone with a friend when a big cat leaped off an incline and into the middle of the road about 40 yards in front of me. I remember thinking 'deer' and didn't even mention it to the person I was speaking to on the phone. As I approached in my jeep and getting closer, I remember feeling confused and in disbelief, until I saw the tail. Long and low, slightly swaying. The cat was 20 feet in front of me and almost as long as the dirt road was wide, maybe 7 feet head to tail.
I was yelling into the phone and had to lay it down on the seat next to me.
The cat glanced at me, not overly concerned, and sauntered off into the forest.
I pulled up to where it entered and watched it's head above the foilage until it was gone.
I'm a pharmacist at Rite Aid on west bay in Traverse City. At that time Mike B. of the DNR used to come in and pick up his mail at the post office we had there. I spoke to him about it. I was unaware back then of any sightings. He said "if it was a cougar', it probably escaped or was released from someone who kept it as a pet.
It made sense at the time.
Anyway, I'll never forget it.
K. J.
Traverse City, Mi."

6 miles north of Otsego in Allegan
Reported Oct 4, 2006 1:29 PM to

" Hi, my son while bow hunting 6 miles north of Otsego in Allegan Country called me Monday night October 7, 2006.  He and I often times talk about what he has seen and what I've seen hunting.   He called and was very shaken up by what had occurred that evening.  He told me the story which I thought was worth reporting.  He was in a climbing tree stand near a swale that has deer traffic all season.  It was almost dark when a buck came running hard and fast and stop under his tree.  The buck was very winded as if being chased, my son had no reasonable shot so just watched the buck leave.  He then waited a few minutes it was total darkness at this point he climbed down and packed his stand then secured his gear.  His truck was park 250 yards away.  He started moving towards the two track he walked in on.  I was 50 yards through cat tails and very thick undercover.  He started hearing rather strange noises as he told me and also heard movement through the brush skirting him.  He stopped once shined his light saw nothing, then continued on.  He was working his way through some swamp when he heard movement again.  He brought his light to bear of a animal slinking ahead of him moving away.  He was frightened and told me all the years he's hunted on my dads farm he's never been scared not once walking out well after dark.  I could hear in his voice the fear of what had happened.  He called out which he felt was a good plan of action to make whatever it was aware he was not another deer or animal.  He continued on the two track at this point heading south to his truck.  The noises continued and this animal was stalking him to the west on high ground as a cat would do.  It continued following and skirting him all the way to the road where his truck was parked.  He laid his gear down and pulled his hunting knife out in defense as the animal was still moving in his direction still stalking him.  He at that point had a young man who has permission to hunt my fathers farm pull up with his headlamps on my son.  My son moved to the truck and told the young man what was going on.  The young man would not get out of the truck he could see the fear in my sons eyes as he told him what had just occurred.  My son and I came to the conclusion that the only thing that we knew of that would stalk a man was a large cat.  He believes that's what it was and so do I.  We did not or he did not return to see if tracks could be found but I do feel this is worth reporting."

Pickney, MI - bowhunter sights cougar.
Reported Oct 2, 2006 10:50 AM to
" Writing in regards to a cougar spotting. I was deer hunting in Pickney, MI last night. At about 5pm on Oct 1st, on a vey clear and sunny day, I seen a cougar at 40 yards away. Has their been any reported sightings in the Pickney area??? Curious to know, have been hunting for 30 yrs and have never seen one before. Was immediately aware of what type of animal I was observing. Please respond.
Btw, most people think that I'm crazy. But, I know what I saw, and it was a big cat! My immediate estimation was 200 lbs. Saw the long tail that almost touched the ground. It's color was a golden tan type color, no mistaking it. It was not some kind of Lynx or Bobcat, or a domestic cat for that matter. Feel like I have to defend what I saw, hope you guys can dispel the extinction myth. Will got out again to same area, this time with my camera. If I get it on camera, I'll send a photo. Thanks...


Gobles Michigan Cougar Sighting

Reported to by MCCR -(www.MichiganCougar.Org)
Fri 9/29/2006 9:07 AM
"Gobles - I Avenue and 32nd Street, 100 Yards from the Kal-Haven Trail. The first person saw the cougar on the evening of September 13 as he pulled into his driveway. The cat stalked in front of his car. The second neighbor saw the cougar crossing 32nd Street from east to west just north of the Kal-Haven Trail at
6:15 a.m. on September 14.

CAUTION: Within the last three years, this makes the fifth sighting within range of the Kal-Haven Trail from Alamo to Bloomingdale. While healthy cougars are not known to attack humans, they are attracted by joggers and bicyclists. Children should never be left alone on the trail. If you use the Kal-Haven Trail, please be aware of your surroundings and don't panic if you see a cougar. Make lots of noise and make yourself look very large - and, take a picture because it will be an adventure that you'll most likely never encounter again in your lifetime. Also, please contact the DNR and ask them to post cougar notices so that everyone using the trail can be educated.

Manistee County, Michigan 7-8 foot long cougar sighted.
Reported Wed 9/27/2006 5:03 PM to
" To whom it may concern; on 9/27/06 at approximately 0745 I was traveling on Main street (bullfrog, the tunnel of trees through parkdale swamp)towards M55 and had a cougar, that appeared to be an adult, cross the road approx. 15 yards in front of me, 1/2 mile from M55 traveling from the open swamp towards the thickets on the other side of the road. the length of the cat was approx. 7-8 feet long, the bottom of the cat was muddy and the top was wet and a dark brown color, it took the cat approx 2-3 seconds to cross the road and was clearly visible, there have been other sighting in the Eastlake area, this is the first I have seen it."

Oceana County, Caledonia, Michigan - Cougar Sighted Crossing Road

Reported Mon 9/25/2006 3:53 PM to


Leelanau County, Cedar Michigan - Two Cougars Sighted

Reported Sat 9/23/2006 6:52 PM to

"I just came across your posting in the Leelanau Enterprise today.  My husband sighted two cougars (about 5 feet without long tail) running across the road on Townline Rd. in Cedar, MI (across the street from Sugar Loaf mountain).  One stopped briefly in the road, so my husband got a very good look.  The sighting was in March of 2006; we reported it to the DNR but never got acknowledgement of any followup."

Benzie County Michigan Cougar Sighting

Reported Fri 9/22/2006 1:51 PM to
"My youngest son, my husband, our yellow lab and myself took an early morning walk behind our house. I have routinely walked our dog back there every weekend, always early in the morning. Our back acreage consists of pasture, woods, cornfield and alfalfa. My son and myself were walking between the woods and the cornfield. My husband was roaming in the wooded part as he was trying to locate a hawk he heard.
He must have flushed the cougar out as it walked out of the woods, about 20-30 feet in front of us and walked into the corn!!! It was about 24 - 30 inches high, dark grey, pointed ears and a very long tail. The Tail was the most distinctive part as it was so long and if it was straightened out it would have touched the ground. The tail had a black tip on the end. It was pretty thin and walked very quietly and confidently. If we wouldn't have been facing that direction, we never
even would have known it was there. We couldn't believe what we had
just seen!! Earlier in the summer on one of my same walks I came across a bunch of bright yellow feathers where obviously a bird had been killed and right near the area was a lot of large tracks (cat) that I had never seen before. I went and got my husband and he said they were probably our dog's tracks, but I thought they looked a lot larger than our lab's
tracks. I now believe it was probably this same cougar! We live on
Countyline Road near Crystal Mountain. Pretty awesome sighting, but a little on the scary side also!! I don't think I will walk back there by myself again!!"

Oakland County, Michigan Cougar Sighting

2nd sighting 9/17/06 Same Time, Same Place.
Reported Wednesday, September 13, 2006 11:10 PM to
TB and family saw it again last night..Her aunt is now on the list of believers....same time, same place only a little closer to my yard and I missed it by 2 minutes.  The doe is minus a fawn, saw them this morning too. Am thinking it may come back this Thursday (5 day pattern?) since food is no object in our yards.....and by the way, I read a link on cougars from your webpage and, there were crows all over the ravine day after 9/13/06 sighting.  Had no idea why! Knowledge is power. We are all going in and buying a night vision camera at Bass Pro Shop...........same thing w/MI wolverine sighted in thumb, seeing is believing but more importantly, the animal needs protection and so do we! Can you give the people who reported the sighting at Dutton and Squirrel roads my phone no. and/or address so we can make contact?  Thank you. J.

Oakland County, Michigan Cougar Sighting

Reported Wednesday, September 13, 2006 11:10 PM to

"Rochester Hills , Michigan 8:23 p.m.September 13, 2006 - Orion Road , North of Tienken -South of Dutton Roads area:

My left side next door neighbor called me on the phone to say that they had just seen a cougar and its in my yard.......I walked out quietly from the sun porch to deck....... while she was whispering on phone (she was on her sun porch), telling me where to look.  I stared at the area dividing our properties and waited...... The next thing I saw was a doe and two fawns in between our yards on a ridge behind our homes grazing.  Then I heard a noise in the woods to the right of my house. It was a buck running in the opposite direction.  Immediately after that, I heard the doe and two fawns take off running and behind them was a long tailed, sand colored, muscular cougar chasing the fawn (I swear it went 40 mph), the doe and other fawn went to the right and the cougar ran after the singled out fawn. 

It no doubt was a cougar.......I called my brother who said to report it to the DNR. By the way, the mayor of Rochester Hills had reported seeing one, two years ago, on School and Dequindre Roads. We had thought we had seen one too that same timeframe here again and had reported it but no one believed us!"

Oakland County Michigan Cougar Sighting
Reported Tuesday, September 12, 2006 12:40 AM to
" Cougar seen from approx. 30ft away during the last week of Aug. 2006 at 0730hrs.  I live near the intersection of Dutton Rd & Squirrel Rd (AKA “the four corners” - Oakland Twsp, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills & Orion Twsp).  Running behind my house is a densely wooded wetland area (adjacent to a pond) connected throughout Oakland County by a gas line easement.  I was silently standing in my backyard thinking thru a landscaping project and heard a loud enough “brush” of vegetation behind to cause me to turn and look.  I seen a large cougar and said “oh S*&t!” out loud at which time it looked up at me, turned quickly around (exposing its full upper body, head and tail) and quickly retreated back into the thick tree line."

Barga County, Michigan Cougar Sighting
REPORTED Saturday, September 09, 2006 11:37 AM to
"On August 5th 2006, Near the intersection of US2 and FH16 in Iron County. About 1 mile south of Golden Lake. Animal was crossing US2, heading north about 8:15 PM. Got a quick glimse of movement as I checked for traffic. Light brown color and long tail have me convinced it was a cougar"

Arenac County, Michigan Cougar Sighting

Reported Saturday, September 09, 2006 12:39 AM to

"Just wanted to let people know cougars are in Michigan.I grew up north of Sterling MI and never seen one as a kid, but about 10 years ago my friend and I were just riding up and down side roads east of Prescott MI and spotted one I stopped the car in the middle of the road and it just lumbered by the passenger side of the car crossed the road right behind the car went to jump a woven wire fence and didn't make it, fell in the ditch, got up and walked the fence line about 10 feet and jumped over it where it was sagging down because of a broken fence post. Can not remember the date or name of the road, if the car window would have been down you could have touched it! It was scruffy looking not like the photos you usually see of them. It was a dark brown with lighter brown around the eye area and patchy fur like it was shedding. Also the following year we saw a black one on the way to Whitefish point in the up, this one did not seem frightened either it just strolled across the road and glanced at us and just kept walking right in to the trees.
Cougars are not as shy as you would think my uncle Leo had one in the barn yard before
(Prescott MI ) I would advise everyone to keep some kind of camera in their vehicle, much help in proving what you saw. Came across your site and just wanted to say they are here in MI.

Saginaw , MI"

Michigan Cougars in danger cap

Emmet County, Michigan - Wilderness State Park Cougar Sighting
Reported Wednesday, September 06, 2006 9:40 PM to
"I would like to report a Cougar sighting. My wife and I were heading to Wilderness State Park west of Mackinac City, MI. As we rounded a bend about 2 miles east of the campground, we spotted a large cat crossing the road about 50 yards in front of our vehicle. It was about 7:30 pm and the cat crossed from a forested area to the strip of land between the road and Lake Michigan. When the cat had crossed the road, it briefly sat down, looked in our direction, then continued into the brush.
The cat stood about 2.5 feet tall and had a long tail (not short like a Bobcat). Its coloring appeared dark brown, but not black. Both my wife and I saw the cat cross the road and we both agreed it "looked" like a Cougar."

Leelanau County, Michigan Cougar Sighting
REPORTED Wednesday, August 30, 2006 8:39 AM to
" I sighted a cougar in my backyard in Leelanau County, Michigan on Aug. 10, 2006 at 8:10 am. I was 15 feet from it and we made eye contact for several seconds. I live in a rural subdivision outside of Traverse City. A neighbor one block away had a sighting in his backyard last week. Two years ago two other neighbors had sightings in their backyards as well."

Allegan County, Report of a dog attacked by a cougar.
Reported Thursday, August 24, 2006 7:14 PM to
" A friend of mine has an outside dog and it was attacked last week. It has a deep gash in it's back and a large bite mark on it's leg. She talked to neighbors and they said about a month ago, they thought they spotted one. This is near Bentheim, a northern Allegan county village. My friend took photos of the dog's wounds."

* has requested to see copies of these photos.
more to come

Mecosta County, Michigan Cougar Sighting
REPORTED Saturday, August 19, 2006 10:00 PM to
" My wife and I saw a cougar this evening. We live in Mecosta County in a rural area south of Barryton. It was about 9 pm, dusk but still light enough to make out the shape and brown color. It walked near our pond about 75 feet from our house. When I turned the outside lights on it stopped, looked at us for a few seconds, then continued walking slowly and disappeared into long grass. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get a picture as the entire sighting lasted only about 15 seconds. We have seen a coyote 3 times in the past 3 years but this was definitely a cougar. It was about 2 feet tall, 5 feet long, the tail went to the ground and it looked like a giant cat." read more

Mio / Rose CityMichigan Cougar Sighting
Reported Friday, August 18, 2006 3:45 PM to
" Has anyone reported seeing a cougar dead on the side of the road near or on I-75 near Mio/Rose City?  On July 16 th we were on our way back from Lewiston , MI on the 16 th and I could have sworn I saw a dead cougar on the side of the road.  At first we thought it was a deer, but at closer glance (at 55 MPH), it looked just like a cougar and had thick legs and a long tail and a cat face.  Were my eyes playing tricks on me? "
Can you corroborate this sighting?

Newaygo County, Michigan Cougar Sighting

Reported Sunday, August 13, 2006 4:09 PM to

"My wife and I saw what had to be a Mountain Lion (Cougar) crossing M-37, just north of the old sports park, north of Newaygo about 4 miles. It was about 7:15 in the evening on August 11th and it was still very sunny and bright. The cat was heading from west to east and it only took a couple of bounds for it to clear the road and disappear into the oaks. I had heard of sightings in the area before but seeing it for yourself certainly removes us from the list of being unsure. read more

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Iron County, Michigan Cougar Sighting
REPORTED Wedensday, 8/9/2006 11:57 PM to
"On August 5th 2006, Near the intersection of US2 and FH16 in Iron County. About 1 mile south of Golden Lake. Animal was crossing US2, heading north about 8:15 PM. Got a quick glimse of movement as I checked for traffic. Light brown color and long tail have me convinced it was a cougar"

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Michigan Cougar Sighting
Reported Monday, July 31, 2006 10:00 PM to
" It was late in the evening when my little Chihuahua was asking to go out. I opened my door to discover a very large tan animal jumping off the porch. It was too low for my motion light to activate. I live a mile from where the horse was attack on M21 and Parnell, and I am convinced that I did see the cougar on my front porch. After jumping off my porch, it ran under my husbands trunk. I was too spooked by it to run after and see where it went. Its back end stood about 3 ft. high. The animal was near my trash can when I opened the door. "
more to come

Roscommon County, Michigan Cougar Sighting

Reported Sunday, July 30, 2006 4:18 PM to

"On 7-28-2006 between 8:30 and9:00a.m. while driving North on Old 27 between the Muskegon River and 104 I observed and animal running North on the Southbound side of the road. It was even with our car when I first saw it and was running faster than we drove.  It was a good sized animal approximately 4to5ft. in length. muscular with a long  tail its head had cat like features.It was a light brown in color.No doubt in my mind that it was a cougar. It ran approximately 100ft. then ran into the heavy cover. the DNR was notified and took all the details."

Cedar Springs, Michigan Cougar Sighting
REPORTED Sunday, July 30, 2006 3:08 PM to
" I think I saw a cougar in Cedar Springs, Mi on July 19, around 8:50 pm, on Cedar Springs Rd. between 20 and 21 mile roads. It ran across the road, it wasn't a deer, or a dog, it was definitly large,  and cat like in its movement."

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Osceolla County, Michigan Cougar Sighting
Reported Monday, July 24, 2006 7:18 PM to
" I saw a what was with out a doubt a cougar. I was in osceolla county. I am an advid outdoorsman who hunts during all his free time. I have a mounted 36 lb bobcat, and this animal was atleast 20 pds. heavier that it. it had a long tail that dragged the ground, and was really not afraid of its surrondings. It came within 75 yards of my house and was around for about 10 minutes. This siting was at about 9 pm on July, 20th 2006."

REPORTED July 16th 2006 to
Lowell, Michigan- Cougar Report (zip: 49331)

"My husband and myself saw what we believe to be a cougar running through the field chasing a deer. It almost looked like we were watching a wildlife show with the cougar chasing it's prey. We were on the opposite side of the river sitting along the bank, we both looked at each other and said ' do you see that? ' "
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REPORTED July 15th 2006 to
North Oakland County - Ortonville, Michigan
"The Cougar seems to be living in the fields between us and the neighbor.  It has been seen very early in the morning sunning itself.  Also, we have heard it at night during a kill and again another night. " read more

June 25th 2006 to
Buckley, Michigan Cougar sighting (Cougar with a black head and tail)
"looked like an oversize cat confidently walking. I would best describe it as looking like a giant siamese cat. I am an outdoorsman and am sure it was not a coyote, etc."
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June 17th 2006 to
Battle Creek, Michigan - Detective reports mountain lion encounter
Article by Trace Christenson - for The Battle Creek Enquirer
"There is not a question in my mind," Hampton said. "When I have an officer that said they observed something, I have no reason to doubt it. It is not a question of is this out there, but (a question) of what is going to be done about it."
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June 12th 2006 to
Oakland County, Michigan - Bald Mountain Recreation Area
(2nd report from the Lake Orion area to in less than two months)

"I'm 6 ft 3 inches and weigh 260lbs (played college football at EMU ) and the first thought in my mind when I saw the animal was that I better be careful and try not to spook it.  The animal had my heart pounding with curiosity.  Usually, I just run hard on  the bike trail and do not stop… but this animal “made me stop and think before crossing his/her path"
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Monroe County Michigan - Three Cougars sightings in one year.
Reported June 7th 2006 to
"Today through a 75 pwr spotting scope on my back deck my entire family and my neighbors witnessed the cat like stealth movements of the animal, the small cropped outline of the ears and the darkened end of the tail."

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Reported to Save the Cougar: June 7, 2006
Eye witness account of a road-killed cougar in Michigan and a MDNR cover-up.
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Reported to Save the Cougar: May 30, 2006

"The ground was very soft as it was freshly planted and tracks showed well. The field was plastered with whitetail track. Obvious canine tracks were located along the same trail as the feline prints. Canine tracks clearly showed nail imprints and different heel pad imprints."
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REPORTED May 8th , 2006 Cougar Sighting South of Roscommon, Michigan. Along Highway Old US 27. May 15, 2006.

"had a 5' long cat not counting the long tail, Cross the road from west to east roughly 50 yards in front of our van. It was big, muscular and beautiful."
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REPORTED 4/18/2006
Cougar Sighting at Paint Creek Trail, Lake Orion, Oakland Co., Michigan

"as it walked through the clearing and back into the woods, it had a long body, very large muscular hind legs and about a four foot long tail"
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REPORTED 3/26/2006 - Cougar sightings near Battle Creek
"Since 1999 I and members of my family and friends on five seperate occasions have seen large tan colored cat about 2 and 1/2 feet at the shoulder near or on our farm just east of battle creek. Today at 12:30 pm my mother a retired teacher and 19 year old daughter observed the cat in one of our fields for some time."
more to come

Recieved 3/19/2006 - Roscommon teacher and a librarian recalls her 2001 cougar sighting near Higgins Lake Michigan.
"I was close enough to see the muscles move under his coat as he walked along, especially in his shoulders and hind legs."
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3/4/2006 - NEW Michigan cougar sighting near Grand Rapids.
"I am a retired Police Officer from Grand Rapids and make this report simply based on what I saw."
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